Rangers of the Gnarley

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Greyhawk Organization
Rangers of the Gnarley
Type Forester/ Military
Members Rangers
Leader None
Headquarters Corustaith, Gnarley Forest

The Rangers of the Gnarley is an organization of woodsmen dedicated to the welfare of the Gnarley Forest. Since the Greyhawk Wars, the organization has become more cohesive, and many of its members fought as volunteers in Furyondy.


The Rangers of the Gnarley number about 200. Most are human, though a few members are half-elves.


The organization is essentially democratic, having no leaders who issue directives or orders. However, the group does have seven Ranger Knights who meet at the Gilded Acorn in Corustaith every two to three months to share information.

Each of the seven Ranger Knights is served by a number of younger rangers, each of whom swear personal allegiance to their respective Knight. In exchange, each Knight trains his juniors as needed, and holds a yearly feast for his juniors every Brewfest. The oath of allegiance is not very restrictive, but involves promises to defend the integrity of the Gnarley, to aid good folk in need, and to honor a Power of Good (usually, but not always, Ehlonna).

Ranger Knights don't have formal spheres of control or delineations of territory, although each oversees a particular area (which sometimes overlaps with others) where he has staunch allies and channels most protective efforts.


The Rangers of the Gnarley strive to bring together the good folk of the forest. They have very strong ties to the gnomes, most woodsmen, werebears, and swanmays of the Gnarley.

The Rangers are very cautious in their dealings with elves; they are shown respect, but not trusted. "Cool politeness" best describes encounters between the groups.

The Gnarley Rangers are not concerned with politics, and do not care about the squabbles between the Domain of Greyhawk and Dyvers over territory. The Rangers would like Celene’s influence in the forest diminish, but realize that the Free City is not exactly a bastion of morality and righteousness. However, they are pleased to see the Greyhawk militia helping to protect the people of the Gnarley, and individual friendships between militia leaders and Rangers are not unknown.