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Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) The Gladiator
Home Plane Unknown
Power Level Hero-god
Gender Male
Class(es) Unknown
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Formal and Public Combat
Domains Luck, War
Superior Kord

Nazarn (NAZZ-arn) is a half-orc hero-god of formal, ritualistic, and public combat. His symbol is a chain wrapped around a short sword.


Nazarn appears as an older half-orc with a strongly orcish appearance. His hair is gray, on its way to becoming completely white. He carries his short sword, Crowdpleaser.


Nazarn's apotheosis was sponsored by the Suloise deity Kord. He has no known relationships with the orcish pantheon.


Nazarn's followers are expected to be honorable and brave in answering challenges, and to give every fight their all. While there are times when it is important to focus on showmanship and pleasing a crowd, in other times it is wiser to concentrate on one's foe. "Dirty fighting" is frowned upon unless the fight is purely for sport. Mercy is encouraged when ossible, but honorless foes should be dispatched without pity. They seek to inspire others and to think about the legacy they will leave.



Priests of Nazarn are often professional duelists or gladiators, or they act as referees in such contests. They may adventure to seek out new arena clients, to test their mettle against new or unusal foes, or to collect mementos and scars that will add to their reputations.


Nazarn was once a popular gladiator slave owned by a member of the Scarlet Brotherhood, but he escaped to find a better place for himself elsewhere in the world. During his travels, he impressed a half-giant descendant of the god Kord, and eventually convinced Kord himself to elevate him to godhood after defeating all opponents (including a young green dragon) in a Hepmonaland arena run by yuan-ti.


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