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Greyhawk Character
Phoebus, as depicted in The Rogues Gallery (1980). Art by Jeff Dee.
Homeland Greatrock
Gender Male
Race Lizardfolk (reincarnated human)
Age Unknown
Class Fighter
Alignment Neutral

Phoebus was a human fighter who became reincarnated as a lizard man.


Phoebus is particularly large and strong for his reptilian species. The illustration in The Rogues Gallery shows him wearing nothing but boots and a loincloth, carrying a trident and a sword.

Phoebus is patient, intelligent, and tactful. He speaks several languages.


Phoebus may have one or more "blood kin," great friends who have sealed their bond with him in a ritual involving the sharing of blood and a tattoo shaped like the sun. If one of these "kin" were to die, the others would be able to use their tattoos, with concentration, to find their bodies.


Once a 10th-level fighter, Phoebus died on adventure. With no cleric available, his companions were forced to have him reincarnated by a druid. Eventually he retired, becoming the mayor of the bucolic village of Greatrock on the shore of Woolly Bay in the Domain of Greyhawk.

At some point since 591 CY, Phoebus traveled to Irongate and discovered the portal to the World Serpent Inn. Enjoying the relative anonymity of a place where he rubbed shoulders with beings as varied as efreet and githyanki, he decided to stay. He now works as a bodyguard there. For once, he no longer has to worry about being treated as a freak.

Creative origins

Phoebus was originally a character played by Jeff R. Leason.


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