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Veralos, the Lost Citadel of the Flan, was a fortress built on the edge of Rift Canyon in ancient times, during the reign of the Isles of Woe and lasting long past that archipelago's inundation, up to just before the Great Migrations. The name Veralos means "Aerie" in the ancient Flan language.

Veralos was supposedly a retreat occupied by elite Ur-Flan scholars, artisans, and mystics, drawing its numbers from many neighboring kingdoms.


Veralos paid fealty to the Wizard-Priests of the Isles of Woe until that empire's destruction. Just prior to the coming of the Oeridians to the region in the years following 1785 Flan Tracking (-365 CY), the citadel was destroyed by a curse brought upon them by the fortress's own inhabitants. The people of Veralos were panicked by the invasion of the Aerdi, who had been conquering and wiping out much that was great and glorious in Flannae society. Certain obscure legends say a prophet came to the citadel, promising them safety in exchange for turning to some mysterious evil power. Some versions of this legend say they aroused a sleeping power from the depths of Rift Canyon itself, which destroyed them and left their castles and treasure unguarded.

Because most of the records of the ancient Flannae had also been destroyed, and Veralos was well-hidden, in the treacherous and broken lands of Rift Canyon, the ruins of Veralos went undiscovered for centuries. Few believed in the legend in any case, as many such stories had been proven exaggerations.

In 318 CY the Company of Seven undertook an expedition to the ruins of Veralos. While fleeing a wrathful Dragotha they managed to blunder into it, discovering the location of Veralos and returning with a wagon-load of wondrous treasures, including the Tome of Zyx and a prototype that would be used to create the Prison of Zagig.


Veralos is said to encompass a hundred or so buildings, spaced tightly together and surrounding a wall made from the same stone as the canyon. Much of the citadel is built into the canyon wall itself.


The inhabitants of Veralos have been changed by their ancient curse to become highly intelligent shadows of unusual power, with the ability to teleport between any areas of darkness twice per day. They seek to recover anything that has been stolen from their home.


Veralos traded magical wonders, including magic tablets, statues, jewelry, and weapons, to the rulers of other ancient Flan lands, such as Sulm, Itar, Ahlissa, and Nuria.